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Site licence options

Learning Labs offers inclusive e-learning content in assistive technology, accessibility tools, study and career skills, plus a complete mental wellness hub for learning about, assessing and developing personal mental wellness. Find the site licence to meet your student needs.

Most popular
Learning Labs bundle

The combined

e-learning solution

Everything included in Learning Labs AT and Learning Labs+

(see below).

Labs on AT, accessibility, remote working and study/career skills, plus the complete mental wellness hub and mentor collaboration functionality.

Labs on AT, study/career skills, remote working and accessibility tools – no mental wellness hub or mentor collaboration functionality.

Mental wellness hub (domain explorer, assessments and development Action Labs), as well as mentor collaboration functionality – no Labs on AT, accessibility, remote working (Zoom/Teams) or study/career skills.

Learning Labs AT

e-learning in assistive

technology and


Learning Labs Plus

e-learning in

mental wellness

Assistive Technology Lab suites 

Mental wellness domain explorer

Study and career skills Lab suites 

Mental wellness questionnaires 

Accessibility Lab suites 

Mental wellness Action Labs 

Remote working Lab suites 

Mentor collaboration tool 

HEI mental wellness dashboard

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